SIvamomo is an illustrator, graphic designer and fine artist specialize in figure painting. Living in Tokyo, Japan, she is recognized for her command of understanding of human structure. She is inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci, Mucha, Degas. Her early 10 years as a graphic designer flow through her process in the composition and colors of her paintings. She describes her artistic process as “Designing. Think, Gather, See, Calculate, and then let my hands draw” Her imaginative and unusual perspective frames her work with the deepest ability to project how she sees the world, form, light color, and difference. Her mastery of drawing adds depth and reality to the watercolor paintings. She promises to continue painting to understand the whole world and depict everything until she dies following Leonardo da Vinci.


La stella

  • 2018-Mar-Graduated from Musashino Art School in Tokyo.
  • 2013-2018-Won couples of awards held in Musashino Art School.
  • 2013-Apr-Enrolled in Musashino Art School in Tokyo.
  • 2010-Apr-Started working as a Graphic designer
  • 2010-Mar-Graduated from Seikei university in Tokyo.
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